Space Tech Defender

Old school game play is back on the iphone/ipod touch! Protect your tech from asteroids, meteors and other off world intruders for fun and universal glory! - Click here for iTunes

This game ROCKS! - No, literally it has rocks. Giant mounds of death hurtling towards your bases know as Tech. Your part of an elite squad specially trained in using the latest in energy pod weapons. Your mission is to keep these invading menaces from turning your world into ground zero. How? By keeping an eye on your radar to detect incoming objects and using your weapons to destroy them.

The object is to protect your Tech on the planet surface for as long as possible. In order to finish each level you need to activate the ground shield towers (they will position on both ends of the landscape). This can only be achieved by destroying the Green Meteors - these contain radiation or RAD. The RAD meter on your HUD will tell you how much you have and once you reach the red level on the meter you will activate the shield. But beware, there is more than just asteroids and meteors to contend with. A sinister force also lurks in the darkness ready to decide your fate!

Old school game play is back on the iphone/ipod touch! Protect your Tech from asteroids, meteors and other off world intruders.

Click here for iTunes


  1. Hold your iPod/iPhone in one hand and use your index finger to alternate the move and fire options
  2. DON'T PANIC! Going too fast when trying to fire on targets results in misfires - remember, if your don't see an energy ball loaded on the firing icon, it's not going to fire anything no matter how many times you click on the enemy target. Steady firing results in clean kills.
  3. Practice your firing in the practice area first to get used to it
  4. The mono train (level 1) will add a point of health to all tech that are low as long as it runs
  5. The cargo ship (level 4) also increases tech health when it successfully lands
  6. The radar shows the incoming objects - note: the colours can help you recognize the type of object
  7. Little spacemen will rebuild tech they are near. if they are killed  a new one will beam there (limit of 4 guys)


  1. Why is it hard to use the Slider? - Place your finger directly (finger flat) on the red button and slide it back and forth steadily. Once you've get the hang of it  it's quite easy.
  2. Can I move using another method? - In the options  screen there is the option to use button controls.
  3. Why won't the gun pods fire when the red icon is flashing?  - This means you've been hit enough times that all your pods need to recharge and will come back online in 10 seconds.
  4. Why is there only 5 levels? - Due to the amount of graphics the size of the game was getting quite big (even with optimization). If there is a demand for it I will create more levels in a free upgrade
  5. It takes Sooooo long to load.  - Depending on the device being used (3g and up is recommended) loading and game play may be an issue& lt;/li>

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